ECEI played an essential role in concluding contracts for the following Major projects:

  • 1993, contract of El Arish 2x30 MW Power Station , steam turbine and all station auxiliaries with NUOVA CimiMontubi (Techint CimiMontubi) as the consortium partners of TOMEN.

  • Contract of Mahmoudia & Damanhour Combined Cycle Plant with NUOVA CimiMontubi (Techint CimiMontubi) (12 GE frame 5 existing units) as Consortium partner & erection contractor with GE for steam turbines. Contract portion approx. 30 Million USD.

  • Contract of Mahmoudia & Damanhour Heat Recovery Steam Generators + Overall combined cycle control + refurbishment of existing 12 gas turbine 25 MW each.

  • 1991, representation of EBASCO USA contract for the engineering and architecture work for Kureimat 2x600 MW Power Station. Contract value for the two phases 35 Million USD
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