ECEI played an essential role in concluding contracts for the following Major projects:

  • 1996, contracts for Critical Piping & valves of Sidi Krir 2x325 MW Power Station and, Ayoun Moussa 2x325 MW Power Station of value 15 Million US D with Mecanica De La Pena, S.A. - Spain

  • 1995, contracts for 4 steam generators for Sidi Krir & Ayoun Moussa 2x325 + 2x325 MW with consortium of B&W / CimiMontubi

  • 1995, contract for 2x325 MW steam Turbine / Generator and condenser for Sidi Krir Power Station and 2x325 MW steam turbine / Generator for Ayoun Moussa Power Station with Siemens AG KWU group.

  • 1994, contract for El - Kureimat 2x600 MW Power Station, Critical Piping and valves with Mecanica De La Pena, S.A.Contract value 7 Million USD.

  • 1994, contract for 2x600 MW with NUOVA CimiMontubi (Techint CimiMontubi) Consortium. Contract value 115 Million USD.

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