The Engineering Center for Energy & Industry, known by “ ECEI “ was
established in January 1988 by Eng. Samir Shafik.

Mr. Samir Shafik entered into the power generation field being armed
by his vast experience with Egyptian Electricity Authority EEA now
(EEHC), together with a long period cooperation with Siemens.

ECEI President is a Consultant Engineer registered by the Egyptian
Engineering Syndicate, also member of the Egyptian Engineers

Mr. Shafik has built ECEI as a private sector company to work in the
fields of power generation and environmental technology, representing
major American and European companies for the following main lines
of business:

  • Private Power “ IPP “ projects.
  • Turnkey power Plants.
  • Power Plants components, such as Steam Turbines, Gas Turbines, Condensers, Generators, heat recovery steam generators, electrical, instrumentation, Control and Mechanical equipment
  • Water Tube Boilers and its related field equipment such as Burners, Controls, Fans, Heat traps, Feed water pumps… etc
  • Capital equipment, heavy steel fabrication, critical piping for Power Generation and Industry.
  • Elastic supports for gas and diesel generators.
  • Dampers and guillotine dampers for isolation and regulation of gaseous media.
  • Spare Parts for Power Plants.
  • Supply of piping supports and Hangers.
  • Supply and Repair of all types of Valves.

ECEI has contacts with most of public and private sector companies throughout Egypt, as well as an efficient network of sub-suppliers, vendor and subcontractors.
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Established in January 1988 By Eng Samir Shafik